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Question: Will Launchways continue to provide service if the COVID-19 virus becomes widespread?

Answer: Yes, our business continuity plan does provide contingencies for this type of occurrence. We have the systems and processes in place that enable all Launchways team members to service our clients remotely.

Question: Is there insurance coverage for loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 virus?

Answer: In most cases, it’s unlikely your current coverages will address implications of COVID-19. Property policies are activated by physical loss and/or damage to your insured property. Because the virus is not a covered “cause of loss” nor is it considered a direct physical loss, insurance carriers have taken the position that losses due to the COVID-19 outbreak will not be covered.

Question: Do any of my policies offer coverage for the COVID-19 virus?

Answer: Health and life insurance will likely cover Coronavirus-related claims including medical care and if needed, short-term disability benefits. Workers compensation coverage for employees could apply if the illness was contracted as a result of employment. However, the exact cause of infection can be difficult to determine, especially as the virus becomes more widespread.

Question: Is there loss of income coverage I can purchase now for the COVID-19 virus?

Answer: Currently there are no insurance carriers that will provide coverage resulting from the COVID-19 virus outbreak with the exception of the coverages mentioned above.

Question: Will there be coverage in the future for loss due to a virus?

Answer: The insurance marketplace has a very limited offerings for virus-activated coverage. We are currently exploring options with our insurance carrier partners and will keep our clients informed as new insights emerge.

Question: Am I liable if someone gets the COVID-19 virus at my premises?

Answer: Individuals can contract the virus almost anywhere, and it is rare to be able to connect the contraction of a virus with a particular business or location. While we cannot guarantee what actions potential claimants may or may not take, because of the inability to connect the virus to a specific premise, virus-related claims are unlikely to cause liability.

Question: What should I do as an employer?

Answer: If your business/industry allows, you can encourage employees to refrain from non-essential travel or commuting. Written policies should be explicit about when employees with potentially transmissible conditions can consider returning to work. We encourage employers to stay informed on the virus. Access the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control websites for more information.

Additionally, Launchways recently published a blog post on best-practices for employers in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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