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Providing business leaders the resources and guidance they need to fuel their company’s growth



Businesses that get the people part right are the ones that succeed in the long-term. We’re here to help you transform your team into your greatest competitive advantage.

A simple, strategic approach to people

We solve our customers’ growing pains by helping them build a scalable people infrastructure to support long-term growth.

Our strategic approach to people helps business leaders align their team and employment strategy with organizational objectives. We believe aligning your team with long-term goals is crucial for any business’s success.

Founded in 2009 under the name Taylor Group, Launchways later rebranded to better represent our core mission to help our customers grow. Our employee benefits brokerage covers more than 50,000 lives and we have hundreds of happy customers whose teams thrive with our strategic people solutions.

Quick facts

Lives Covered


Happy Customers

Our core values

How we do what we do


We see opportunity to make improvements and take action.



We pursue our work with purpose.


We have a commitment to results and own the outcome.


We respect the situation, others and ourselves.


We are here to foster growth for the Launchways’ community including our clients, partners, and employees.

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