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Providing business leaders the resources and guidance they need to fuel their company’s growth



Businesses that get the people part right are the ones that succeed in the long-term. We’re here to help you transform your team into your greatest competitive advantage.

A simple, strategic approach to people

We solve our customers’ growing pains by helping them build a scalable people infrastructure to support long-term growth.

Our strategic approach to people helps business leaders align their team and employment strategy with organizational objectives. We believe aligning your team with long-term goals is crucial for any business’s success.

Our employee benefits brokerage covers thousands of lives and we have hundreds of happy customers whose teams thrive with our strategic people solutions.

Meet The Team

Learn more about the Launchways leadership team

James Taylor

James Taylor


As the founder and CEO of Launchways, James has built an organizational culture where everyone has opportunity to thrive while enjoying the fruits of their labor. James is passionate and does public speaking on topics related to Modern HR and the future of Employee Benefits. His vast experience in helping growth stage companies succeed serves as a bridge to solve problems for people in his community.

Gary Schafer

Gary Schafer


Gary is an experienced entrepreneurial leader and professional problem solver. He has founded and led multiple startups through periods of significant growth. At Launchways, Gary oversees the Client Success Team, ensuring every Launchways client receives five-star service.


Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

Vice President

Tim spearheads the development of custom risk management solutions for Launchways clients. He spends his time providing expert counsel to business owners looking to protect their business from financial liability
He has a passion for helping business owners align their risk management strategy with business goals and objectives. Tim manages Launchways’ business insurance team.

Carolyn Kick

Carolyn Kick

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Carolyn is a B2B marketing expert with a specialization in fast-growing businesses. Carolyn has developed, implemented, and grown the brands of several notable Chicago companies, including Launchways. At Launchways, Carolyn lives her passion for community-building by orchestrating high-impact educational events, webinars, and web content.

Stacey Gierut

Stacey Gierut

Director of Employee Benefits

At Launchways, Stacey advises clients in the evaluation, strategic development, and management of their corporate employee benefit programs. Stacey specializes in leveraging multiple funding techniques to ensure cost effective and scalable benefits solutions. Stacey manages Launchways’ benefits department.

Christine Lewis

Christine Lewis

Director of Human Resources

In her role at Launchways, Christine manages our HR & Payroll teams that work directly with our clients to fulfill their HR needs. She also cultivates partnerships to deliver value-added services to our clients. Christine partners with our corporate HR team to create a positive employee experience.

Our core values

How we do what we do


We take initiative, own our work, and embrace figuring it out.



We’re passionate about what we do and always go above-and-beyond.


We’re unafraid to do things differently to yield better results.


We embrace being a part of the Launchways community.


Thoughtfully Candid

We value constructive conversations and welcome a difference in opinion to get to the right answer.

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