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Discover a benefits broker that does more

We design innovative, cost-effective benefits packages that will thrill your team and reduce your annual costs.

More than a benefits broker, we’re your benefits advisor

At Launchways, we work with you to create the most value for your business at the best cost. As your benefits advisor, we’re here to help you navigate the complex world of employee benefits. Through our consultative process, our team pinpoints the unique needs of your workforce and recommends the best benefits products for your team.

Get more from your benefits dollars

We understand that controlling healthcare costs is a priority for growing businesses. This is why our benefits packages are strategically designed to offer your employees more value and more flexibility, all at the lowest possible cost to your business.

Employee benefits technology that streamlines and delights

The Launchways team integrates intuitive technology into every stage of your benefits program. Our benefits portal streamlines benefits administration and creates a seamless benefits experience guaranteed to delight your employees.

Why work with Launchways?

Cost Control

For growing businesses, controlling healthcare costs is crucial. Our team builds cost-effective healthcare packages that provide your employees more value at a lower annual cost.

Innovative Benefits Package

No two businesses are the same, so your benefits shouldn’t be either. Our consultants work with you to build a creative benefits package that meets your workforce’s unique needs.

Smart Technology

Every step of the way we streamline your benefits process by leveraging smart technology. Better benefits technology guarantees a better benefits experience for your employees.

Discover the Launchways difference

Explore the unique value-adds you get with our benefits brokerage

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager creates a custom benefits package with your organization’s long-term goals in mind.

Employee Surveys

Your account manager crafts, distributes, and analyzes annual employee surveys to help drive your benefits strategy.

Strategic Benefits Planning

We build a custom benefits package that works for your organization now and will continue to work as your company grows.

Connectivity & Technology

Our integration specialists help your organization leverage smart technology to fuel your benefits program.

Total Compensation Strategy

Our team helps you build a benefits package that complements your total compensation strategy.

Payroll Integration

Our benefits solutions seamlessly integrate with your payroll provider to ensure a flawless employee experience.

Benefits Benchmarking

Our benefits analysts benchmark your plan against industry standards to ensure your benefits package stands out against competitors.

Communication Materials

Receive all the communication materials you need to conduct a successful benefits education program and increase your plan utilization.

Open Enrollment Support

Never face open enrollment alone again. We provide all the communication and compliance materials you need for a smooth enrollment season.


We offer several unique telemedicine solutions that connect your team with world-class doctors, on-call 24/7 to keep your team healthy and productive.

Paperless Benefits

With our smart technology you can go paperless. Our digital benefits platform offers a seamless employee experience guranteed to delight your team.

Complete Control

With a vast array of benefits offerings, you have complete control over designing the perfect benefits program for your workforce’s unique needs.

What our customers say

“Launchways helped us craft a strategic benefits program. Our entire strategy and process around benefits is much more streamlined now with Launchways’ help.”

– Brian Cassell
CoreCentric Solutions

"Launchways helped us by benchmarking our offerings against industry standards so we could better understand where we stood and make informed decisions about our benefits offerings moving forward."

– John Rood
Next Step Test Prep

“Not only was the Launchways team able to put together a plan that included everything I wanted and more, they also saved us tens of thousands of dollars annually.”

– Charlie Mayer

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Create a benefits program that attracts & retains top talent.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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