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Your toughest HR compliance challenges, solved

Access your Dedicated HR Compliance Expert, available to help you navigate complex compliance issues.

HR compliance support

Want to worry less and grow more? State and federal regulations are constantly changing, and for the average business owner it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. With Launchways’ compliance support you can stop worrying about compliance and focus on growing your business.

Access compliance experts

We’re your trusted go-to source for all things compliance. From payroll concerns, to tax questions, to tricky employee relations issues, we’ve got you covered. No matter the situation or question, our dedicated compliance support staff are available to help you devise an appropriate solution.

The HR resources you need to succeed

With Launchways’ compliance support you’ll have access to our entire database of compliance resources. Whether you need a template for an employee handbook or policy, a compliance checklist, or a payroll timeline, we have you covered.

Key benefits

Save Time

As a business leader, you don’t have time to deal with changing compliance issues. With our compliance support you can spend your time on what matters most: growing your business.

Discover Your Trusted Advisor

With Launchways, you’ll have more than a compliance solution. You’ll have a trusted partner to help you navigate complex compliance issues.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

As a growing business, you can’t risk getting compliance wrong. Our compliance support solution ensures you have compliance covered.

Key features

See what you can do with Launchways

Dedicated Contact

With Launchways, you’ll have a dedicated contact as your trusted advisor, here to help you navigate compliance concerns.

Compliant Solutions

Whether you have questions about regulations, payroll, taxes, or employee relations issues, we’ll offer a compliant solution.

Compliance Resources

Access the tools you need to build a compliant business. From employee handbook templates to compliance audit checklists, we have you covered.

Termination Support

Having to let go of a team member is tough. With Launchways’ compliance support our dedicated specialists are here to ensure you follow protocols, protecting your business from a potential lawsuit.


Hiring Best-Practices

When it comes to hiring, there are dozens of fair labor practices employers are expected to follow. Our team is here to help you build and implement compliant hiring practices.

Employee Relations Support

Our team of compliance specialists can help you navigate your most complex employee relations cases. From employee discipline to sensitivity training, we can help you devise an appropriate solution.

What our customers say

"If I received a notice or something I wasn’t sure of—I sent it to the team at Launchways and knew it was taken care of. For me, this resulted in huge time-savings. Not to mention, knowing I had my compliance bases covered gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus on growing my business."

– John Rood
Next Step Test Prep

"The Launchways team anticipated and addressed critical issues areas I hadn’t even thought about such as how to streamline payroll, how to maintain compliance with employee records, and how to appropriately handle several employee discipline issues as they came up.”

– Charlie Mayer

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Build a strong HR Foundation with the help of our team of experts.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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