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Build the people infrastructure to support long-term growth

Our team is here to help you build scalable people processes that will support your company’s long-term growth.

Align your people practices with long-term company goals

Building the right infrastructure to support your organization’s future growth is crucial. Our consultants help you plan for future growth by building streamlined, scalable people processes that will support your organization as it grows.

Get intentional about culture

Building a scalable business starts with getting serious about culture. A distinct company culture will help you attract top talent, motivate and engage your team, and retain top performers. Our consultants are here to help you build a sustainable culture that fuels your company’s growth.

Our Proven Process


Our team completes a best-practices assessment that identifies critical areas for improvement in your HR processes.


Our team develops a roadmap of strategic projects and milestones that will help your organization meet long-term goals.


Launchways’ expert consultants execute on the roadmap, ensuring your organization is meeting key milestones.


We evaluate the results of the executed changes and compare to the expected outcomes.

How we do it

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Values Inventory

Discover and refine values, then design a proactive employee communication strategy around organizational culture.

Morale & Motivation Analysis

Pinpoint your workforce’s current motivation levels, then devise and implement strategies to improve morale.

SWOT Analysis

Complete a SWOT analysis, then provide a recommended course of action to remedy issue areas.

Strategic Assessment

Pinpoint organizational goals and develop a roadmap to build workforce processes that support goal attainment.

Operational Diagnostic Test

Assess the health of operational processes, identify inefficiencies, then build streamlined processes.

What our customers say

"I see Launchways as our long-term strategic partner. It's a relationship that continues to evolve and I know as we grow they will continue to ensure we're following best practices and providing maximum value to our employees."

– Brian Cassell
CoreCentric Solutions

"Tell the Launchways team where you want your business to be in three months or in three years, and they will design a solution to help get you there."

– Charlie Mayer

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Design the people infrastructure to support your long-term growth.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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