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Artisan Talent Navigates Interstate Compliance & Reduces Healthcare Spend by 15% with Launchways

Tandem Creates Competitive Benefits Offering With Launchways, Attracting Top Talent & Engaging Their Existing Workforce

Lindemann Improves Benefits, Reduces Insurance Costs, and Tackles Ongoing Business Challenges with Launchways

Launchways Helps Businesses Reduce Benefits Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Our benefits consultants employ innovative cost-control strategies that reduce benefits spend, without sacrificing plan quality

“The Launchways team got us set up with an HSA, FSA, and high-deductible plans to go with [our existing plan structure]. On top of that, they negotiated a lower rate for our BCBS plan, which I thought was incredible given the fact that we are growing so quickly and have generally high usage numbers. That was a serious win. Overall, Launchways did an excellent job bidding our insurance out and delivering savings.”

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Chris Stone

Head of People, Rocketmiles

“Since Spice House previously offered only health, I wanted to increase our benefits offerings to include health, dental, vision, life, and a 401k. I figured that because we’d be offering more, it would result in cost increases. Not only was the Launchways team able to put together a plan that included everything I wanted and more, they also saved us tens of thousands of dollars annually.”

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Charlie Mayer

CEO, Spice House

Employee Education is an Important Part of What we Do at Launchways

Launchways’ benefits team works hands-on with our clients to ensure their employees are educated and informed during enrollment time and throughout the year

“Now, with Launchways’ help, our employees better understand and take advantage of the benefits we offer them. Our team is thrilled by the new plan options and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with Launchways to refine our benefits strategy”

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Tim Heitmann

CEO, Double Good

“Having the team come in and do a full presentation and offer one-on-ones if people want to talk about the benefits individually has been super helpful. They have been able to craft their education and messaging to our specific employee demographic and needs.”

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Laura Cain

Director of Business Operations, Perfect Search Media

“The way that Launchways presented the benefits to our team and explained them was enlightening. The education level was so much higher, and our employees genuinely understood better, leading them to take better advantage of our benefits.”

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Christine Antonelli


Who does Launchways help?

Launchways works hand-in-hand with business owners, finance leaders, and HR professionals to help build scalable people processes and impactful benefits programs.

CEOs & Founders

Charlie Mayer, CEO, Spice House

“As a business owner, I’m incredibly busy
managing my company and getting everything
on track. The systems Launchways uses to get us
where we need to go are simple and effective, so
the entire process is quick and painless.”

Melissa Wasielewski, President, Amped I

“I’m so grateful to have the support of the Launchways team. To take the pain of dealing with HR and benefits off my plate and really have Launchways drive this and own it has been awesome. I’ve always received the highest level of service from the Launchways team and am looking forward to continuing to receive excellent service moving forward.”

CFOs & Finance Leaders

Brian Cassell, CFO, CoreCentric

“I see Launchways as our long-term strategic partner. It’s a relationship that continues to evolve and I know as we grow they will continue to ensure we’re following best practices and providing maximum value to our employees.”

Nathan Parkins, Former Head of Finance and Business Operations, Popular Pays

“With larger big-box brokers you’re just a number
and have to call into a general hotline to get help. We decided to go with Launchways because of the dedication to exceptional service. I like the fact that with Launchways, we’re a major focus for the team and Launchways is truly invested in our success as a company.”

HR Leaders

Stefanee Horwitch, Director of Talent Management, Booksy

“Thanks to Launchways, our employees are better taken care of and we’re saving money each year. Time and again, our benefits help us win over the people we need to make Booksy the fastest-growing and most successful booking solution in the market. We’re able to compete for talent in a way we never would have been able to if we had opted for a generic PEO.”

Chris Stone, Head of People, Rocketmiles

“Launchways has also been instrumental in
getting internal stakeholders and leadership to see the value in additional benefits to maintain Rocketmiles talent. The Launchways team is very passionate about benefits and brings a well-informed and confident opinion to every discussion.”


Launchways provides support for HR compliance

Launchways’ HR team ensures your business has a foolproof approach to compliance

“I trust Launchways because they are experts on the full spectrum of HR and compliance issues, so no matter what my concern they have an answer for me. They will always steer me in the right direction and recommend the right thing to do for our business. I know that as I continue to have questions or concerns related to HR, the Launchways team will be there to support me.”

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Stefanee Horwitch

Director of Talent Management, Booksy

Why do businesses pick Launchways over a PEO?

To Become an Employer of Choice

“Thanks to Launchways, our employees are better taken care of and we’re saving money each year. Time and again, our benefits help us win over the people we need to make Booksy the fastest-growing and most successful booking solution in the market. We’re able to compete for talent in a way we never would have been able to if we had opted for a generic PEO.”

-Stefanee Horwitch, Director of Talent Management, Booksy

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Cost Savings

“I felt that Launchways provided more value at a significant cost-savings. For us, Launchways presented an end-to-end solution to tackle our HR challenges. I knew Launchways would be a very good ongoing resource for our team moving forward.”

-Brian Cassell, CFO, CoreCentric Solutions

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Hands-on Strategic Support

“Having a dedicated point person for each area has been so much better. Since a PEO is bundled, it meant that I couldn’t get the level of support that was needed. Now I know that if I have a question on benefits I go to my dedicated benefits expert and if I have a question on business insurance I go to my dedicated business insurance expert. I have a specific person I know I can go to and get accurate answers, which has been much better for Perfect Search.”

-Laura Cain,Director of Business Operations, Perfect Search Media

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Launchways takes a strategic approach to your benefits needs

We work to get your team better benefits at a lower annual cost

“Launchways helped us craft a strategic benefits program. They did all of the research and presented the best practices – they vetted all the information before presenting it to us so we could make informed purchase decisions. Our entire strategy
and process around benefits is much more automated now with Launchways’ help.”

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Brian Cassell

CFO, CoreCentric

“With the benefits provided through our online broker we weren’t getting favorable rates and we were paying for coverage we didn’t need. We wanted a benefits program that could be customized to our team’s specific needs. We worked with Launchways benefits consultants to create a strategy that would save Popular Pays money while getting our employees more and better health benefits”

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Nathan Parkins

Finance, Popular Pays

“The Launchways team was able to devise a strategy that maintained the same network coverage and plan richness, while also giving us more control over cost at renewal time. The entire experience with Launchways has been excellent. Our new medical benefits are great. With Launchways, I’m not fearful of our next renewal anymore.”

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Melissa Wasielewski

President, Amped I

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