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 Our most popular webinars, eBooks, toolkits, guides, and blog posts for CEOs

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At Launchways, we help business owners build custom HR and benefits solutions that scale effectively, reduce spend, and increase workforce engagement. On this page you’ll find our most popular resources for CEOs. We cover everything from company culture, to reducing benefits spend, to scaling your HR function, and much more.

Are you currently on a PEO and looking for a more cost-effective solution?

There comes a time in just about any growing business’ journey when they outgrow their PEO solution. PEOs are not flexible or efficient enough for mid-to-large size organizations who want to win the war for talent while making the most of their benefits dollars. In this eBook you’ll learn a step-by-step process to successfully transition your growing business off a PEO and onto a more cost-effective, scalable solution.

eBook: How to Successfully Transition from a PEO >

Building a unique, impactful company culture

How to Build a Good Company Culture in Simple Steps


How to Create an Intentional Company Culture to Support Your Growth


Creating a Culture of Constant Assessment & Feedback


How to Improve Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader

Is your business prepared for the future of healthcare?


How to Build a Benefits Program ThatMakes Employees Happier & Healthier

Prepare Your Company for the Future of Healthcare Today


Massive Changes to Healthcare Will Effect Your Business: What You Need to Know


Improving Employee Healthcare: The Vital Role of the CEO

Retain your top-performers with effective engagement & retention strategies

How to Retain Top Performers in Growing Companies


Why Gen Y and Gen Z Employees Leave and What You Can Do About It


5 Employee Retention Strategies to Retain Your Top Performers

Looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance?
Explore group captives


How to Know if a GroupInsurance Captive is Right for Your Business


The Beginner’s Guide to Captive Insurance


The Top 5 Myths About Captive Insurance Programs

Looking to reduce your benefits spend?
Learn proven cost-control strategies

A How-To Guide on Controlling Healthcare Costs at Your Growing Business

How to Control Healthcare Costs at Your Growing Business


Are You Overspending on Benefits Your Employees Don’t Need or Want?


Still Fully-Insured? A Growing Business’ Pathway to Self-Funding

Looking for guidance on how to scale your HR function?


Everything You Need to Know to Tackle HR at Your Growing Business

How to Streamline HR at Your Fast-Growing Business

How to Decide if Outsourcing Payroll is Right for Your Business


Payroll Outsourcing: Ultimate Guide For Beginners


Should you hire a head of HR? How to Know It’s the Right Time

Considering changing benefits brokers?
Resources to guide your search

How to Maximize The Value of Your Employee Benefits Spend

Discover Better Benefits with a Boutique Employee Benefits Broker


Is Your Broker Your Brother-In-Law? Reevaluating This Strategic Relationship


Do You Know if Your Benefits Broker is Doing a Good Job? 5 Questions to Ask

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