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Simple, strategic people solutions for growing businesses.

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

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Human Resources

Build an HR infrastructure that unlocks the full potential of your workforce and supports growth.

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Managed Payroll

End-to-end administered payroll and outsourced compliance for growing businesses.

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Employee Benefits

Innovative, cost-controlled benefits packages that will thrill your team and reduce annual costs.

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Business Insurance

Proactively protect your business with comprehensive, cost-effective business insurance packages.

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Why work with Launchways?

Strategic Approach

We understand your business’ goal is to grow. We build strategic solutions that align your people operations with long-term company growth objectives.

Creative Solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to people. We work with you to create innovative solutions tailored to your workforce’s unique needs.

Trusted Advisor

With Launchways, you’ll have more than a solution. You’ll have a trusted partner to help you navigate the complex people issues facing your growing business.

What our customers say

"The benefits experience has been fantastic. Without adding a huge impact to the budget, we were able to work together to put a plan in place that really upped the value we were adding through our benefits.”

– Nick Currier
CFO, Packback

"Thanks to Launchways, our employees are better taken care of and we’re saving money each year. Time and again, our benefits help us win over the people we need to make Booksy the fastest-growing and most successful booking solution in the market.”

– Stefanee Horwitch,
Director of Talent Management at Booksy

"Not only was the Launchways team able to put together a benefits plan that included everything I wanted and more, they also saved us tens of thousands of dollars annually."

– Charlie Mayer
Former CEO, Spice House

"The extra time I saved from using Launchways allowed me to focus my time on growing my business, hiring and training new employees, and expanding our product and service offerings."

– John Rood
Founder, Next Step Test Prep

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Build scalable people solutions to support your growth.

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