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Post-merger integrations with Launchways

Whether you’re looking to buy or preparing to sell, Launchways ensures proper diligence on the people side of the business.

M&A support for buyers

Understanding an organization’s management style, culture, employee motivation, and talent pool is an important part of the purchase process. Launchways explores the structure and quality of a potential acquisition target’s workforce, along with identifying any outstanding compliance issues.

M&A support for sellers

Whether you’re looking to sell now, or are planning for five years from now, Launchways can help you build the people infrastructure necessary for a seamless deal.

Post-merger integration for a successful transition

Many mergers/acquisitions fail to meet financial objectives due to the lack of a proactive process around workforce integration. Launchways builds the appropriate compliance, policy, talent, management, and communication infrastructures to ensure merger success.

"When someone was interested in buying my business, I had the Launchways team there to support me through the process. They worked with us throughout the HR diligence
process to provide all the required documentation in a timely matter. Because
of Launchways' help, the acquisition process was streamlined and successful."

– John Rood
Next Step Test Prep

How we do it

Explore the tactics we leverage to ensure M&A success


Compliance Audit

Identify and address potential areas of compliance risk.

Policy Creation

Develop compliant policies to guide the new organization.

Employee Selection

Analyze the workforce and streamline where appropriate.

Employee Retention

Identify key employees and strategically retain them through the transition.

Compensation Strategy

Develop an effective total compensation strategy.

Comprehensive Benefits

Build a benefits program to meet the needs of the workforce composition.

Get the people support you need for a successful M&A.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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