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Strategies to get the right talent in the right seats

Our expert talent consultants build scalable hiring processes that will support your organization’s long-term growth.

Align your talent strategy with long-term organizational goals

As a growing business, developing the talent acquisition practices to support long-term growth is crucial. Our team is here to help you build scalable hiring processes that attract and retain top talent. From job analysis to workforce planning, our consultants ensure you have the right talent strategy in place to support your company’s long-term growth.

Become the employer of choice for top talent

We understand that for growing companies, the ability to attract and retain top talent is key. Our team will help you build the hiring infrastructure, compensation structure, and employer brand strategy to get the right people in the right seats at your organization.

Our Proven Process


Our team completes a best-practices assessment that identifies critical areas for improvement in your HR processes.


Our team develops a roadmap of strategic projects and milestones that will help your organization meet long-term goals.


Launchways’ expert consultants execute on the roadmap, ensuring your organization is meeting key milestones.


We evaluate the results of the executed changes and compare to the expected outcomes.

How we do it

Discover how Launchways builds a high-impact talent strategy

Staffing Assessment

Discover surpluses and gaps in your workforce so you can streamline and plan accordingly.

Job Analysis & Descriptions

Analyze workforce needs and write effective job descriptions to attract the right candidates.

Interview Process

Create a standardized interview process that ensures you’re thoroughly vetting candidates.

Selection Tools

Build a system of interviews, assessments, skills testing, and reference checks to properly vet candidates.

Employer branding

Devise a strategic plan to strengthen your employer brand and improve your ability to attract high quality talent.

New-Hire Onboarding

Our all-in-one technology ensures that from payroll to compliance to new-hire onboarding, you’ll have it all covered.

Sourcing Plan

Identify and leverage the most cost-effective channels for attracting your ideal candidates.

Offer Letter Management

Create offer letters with appropriate terms of employment and manage the offer letter distribution process.

Candidate Investigation Process

Develop a legally compliant process for conducting background checks and reference investigations.

“With Launchways' help, we now have the right people in the right seats.”

– Brian Cassell
CoreCentric Solutions

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Build the talent strategy to support your long-term growth goals.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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