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Focus on growing your business, not on managing payroll

With Launchways as your payroll partner you can stop worrying about payroll and focus on growing your business.

 An end-to-end approach to payroll

Launchways’ payroll specialists leverage scalable technology to manage your payroll process. Unlike other payroll administrators that require the employer to handle new-hire onboarding, Launchways’ team manages your entire payroll end-to-end. Our process ensures you can stop worrying about payroll and focus on growing your business.

Discover a managed payroll provider that does more

From employee file audits to compliance notices, the Launchways team goes the extra mile to help your business thrive. With Launchways, you’ll have access to our extensive database of resources and templates to ensure your business is compliant.

Why work with Launchways?

Save Time

As a business leader, you don’t have time to worry about payroll. With our payroll solution you can spend your time on what matters most: growing your business.

Discover Your Trusted Advisor

With Launchways, you’ll have more than a payroll solution. You’ll have a trusted partner that gives you peace of mind knowing payroll is taken care of.


Ensure Compliance

As a growing business, you can’t risk getting compliance wrong. Our payroll specialists ensure your employment compliance bases are covered.

Discover the Launchways Difference

Explore the unique value-adds of Launchways payroll services

Administered Payroll

We provide an end-to-end payroll solution. The days of manual hour entry and endless paperwork are over.

Compliance Notices

Your dedicated payroll specialist distributes all employee compliance notices.


Employee File Audit

Our team audits your employee files to ensure your file storage practices follow state and federal regulations.

DOL Audit Support

In the case of a Department of Labor audit, our team is here to oversee the entire audit process.

Compliance Resources

Access the tools, templates, and resources you need to build a compliant business.

Claims Support

Payroll specialists handle all unemployment claims and file appeals on your behalf.

What our customers say

‘“Now, we’re strategically automating portions of our HR operations and it’s resulting in huge time savings for our team. With the time we save, we’re able to focus on bigger-picture issues rather than constantly dealing with putting out day-to-day problems as they come up.”

– Brian Cassell
CoreCentric Solutions

“The Launchways team is extremely responsive. Throughout the entire process and all the challenges they’ve helped me tackle, I’ve never been frustrated once. They work with me through all the complications every step of the way."

– Charlie Mayer

"The extra time I saved from using Launchways allowed me to focus my time on growing my business, hiring and training new employees, and expanding our product and service offerings."

– John Rood
Next Step Test Prep

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Discover your trusted payroll partner.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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