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Business Insurance That Puts You in Control

Are you tired of having little to no claims, yet continuing to pay too much for your business insurance?

Group Captive Insurance: Balancing Risk & Reward

 Protecting your employees, assets and liabilities is also about protecting your bottom line. You take safety seriously. Why continue to roll the dice in the traditional market with companies who lack a safety focus & have a negative impact on your rates? Joining a captive allows you to partner with stable, like-minded organizations to form your own insurance company, designed for your individual benefit.

Traditional vs. Group Captive Insurance

Don’t pay for others’ mistakes. Captive insurance puts you in control of your individual premiums and returns. You’re not renting your insurance, you own it.

Potential Returns from Our Group Captive Program


Average Return on Premium


Average Premium Reduction

Benefits of a Group Captive


Up to 60% of your premium can be returned to you


Large losses are paid by re-insurance

New Approach

Get out of the outdated and overpriced traditional insurance marketplace

Knowledge Sharing

Join up to 50 other like-minded best-in-class companies to share business practices


Utilize insurance as a source of revenue and not an expense

Are you right for a captive?

How to know you’re a good fit for our group captive program


My company pays $150,000 or more in premiums


My company has an entrepreneurial spirit


My company desires more control and stability


My company understands "risk for reward"


My company is committed to safety

Take control of your insurance costs today

Let a Launchways team member know you’re ready to learn more about our group captive program

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