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This month, Launchways formally announced our partnership with Rippling, the software company unifying employee systems such as payroll, benefits, devices, and 3rd party apps. Launchways formed this partnership to give our clients unique access to Rippling’s industry-leading solutions and provide a centralized software layer to our already robust service offerings, improving the overall user experience for our clients.

As a leading provider of strategic HR and Employee Benefits solutions, Launchways is always looking for the newest solutions that will empower our clients’ sustainable growth. Launchways CEO, Jim Taylor, said, “The partnership with Rippling is a natural step for us, as their scalable, centralized, and customizable model dovetails perfectly with the Launchways philosophy of taking a boutique approach to developing HR and Benefits solutions.”

It’s important to note what makes Rippling unique among modern all-in-one HR platforms and what we hope to accomplish through our partnership. Let’s take a look at the details of how Rippling will empower our clients, including:

  • Rippling’s hybrid approach to HR and IT
  • Full-lifecycle employee management through Rippling
  • Rippling’s versatility and scalability
  • The mission of the Rippling + Launchways partnership

The Rippling Effect: A Unique Approach to HR Technology

Human Resources Meets Information Technology

Rippling is the first software platform to enable companies to handle their HR and IT in a single system. Management of payroll, benefits, physical devices, and software applications like Gsuite, Salesforce, and Slack is all just a click away in a centralized and streamlined interface. This creates one system of record across departments and functions, avoiding duplicated effort and inconsistent data storage.

Growing businesses often operate with a lean team and need to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. A centralized system like Rippling connects all employee data into a single system of record, enabling business leaders to automate time-consuming HR tasks. This centralization and automation allows teams to run faster and work more efficiently.

While there are other competitive systems with dedicated HR solutions and IT solutions, Rippling is the only software solution to manage both of these functions in a single platform. Rippling’s Payroll, Benefits Administration, and FSA/HSA/Commuter Debit Card tools operate seamlessly within the same platform as its Access Management and Computers & Security tools for IT. HR professionals can manage their people, their devices, and their accounts all within the same easy-to-use platform.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Rippling is dedicated to providing full-service solutions throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle. From onboarding and offboarding to payroll, PTO, and benefits, Rippling streamlines every process through centralization and automation of data, resulting in the elimination of all of the unnecessary paperwork and manual entry that makes these processes so arduous. 

The platform enables employers to onboard new employees in just 90 seconds, including adding them to payroll and benefits, ordering necessary hardware, creating user accounts in any of 500+ applications, installing the employee’s software and security, and assigning onboarding tasks. What’s more, companies can configure “smart rules” based on  employee attributes. For example, if you hire a sales rep in California, their employee attributes (their computer, the apps they use, the payroll and benefits options their offered, etc.) will automatically be populated within the system. Rippling eliminates the need for paperwork and manual data entry during these processes, so your team can focus on the human and cultural side of onboarding.

Once employees are part of the team, Rippling’s platform provides time-off tracking, a team task manager, full-service payroll and benefits administration. Additionally, if Rippling doesn’t do it, their  third-party integrations with hundreds of additional applications complement the entire employee experience.

And offboarding employees leaving the company is just as easy. Rippling will automatically remove the former employee from all systems, including benefits and payroll, administer the employee’s COBRA, and disable employee accounts and devices.

Versatility and Scalability

One of the pillars of the Launchways approach to benefits and HR is that our solutions are scalable, so they can accommodate our clients as they grow their businesses. We know that changing systems as a company grows can cause painful business disruption, inevitable system inefficiencies, and bureaucracy that stunts growth.

In partnering with Rippling, it was important to Launchways that their solution  accommodate the growing businesses that we serve. Rippling’s platform works seamlessly whether your  business has two employees or a thousand. Painless integrations allow users to evolve their business processes transform over time. For instance, Rippling works just as well  with QuickBooks and Xero as it does with Intacct or NetSuite. So you won’t have to change your HR or IT software when you’ve outgrown your accounting solution. Additionally, unlike other all-in-one HR platforms that can take months or even a year to roll-out, Rippling can be deployed in a matter of days or weeks, and is fully-equipped to import your existing data. 

In total, Rippling has over 500 third-party integrations, including Slack, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Salesforce. This highly collaborative approach meshes perfectly with Launchways’ fervent belief that no two clients’ needs are exactly alike. Every business is unique, and its processes, pain points, and solutions are too. Rippling’s module approach allows our clients to choose the solutions that work best for their business and budget, while Rippling’s robust network of integrations allow businesses to create the software suite that works best for their team. 

The Mission of the Launchways + Rippling Partnership

This powerful partnership combines the hands-on, tailored service of Launchways’ benefits brokerage with best-in-class HR technology that eliminates the need for tedious administrative work.

It’s a true partnership, meaning that Rippling  provides a dedicated service and support team for our clients. At Launchways, we pride ourselves on our dedication to personalized service and boutique benefits approach, no matter what size the client is. This partnership allows us to deliver the same level of service for our clients’ HR and IT software needs. Rippling Head of Channel Sales, Matt Donaldson, added “Partnering with benefits brokers, like Launchways, has enabled us to present a unique option in the market. There isn’t another solution that can pair best-in-breed technology with the knowledge of an industry expert. It truly is a game changer for our customers.”

At its core, our strategic partnership with Rippling affords our clients access to cutting-edge HR technology, while still allowing them to rely on our team of top-notch benefits consultants for a hands-on approach to employee benefits. An additional perk of the partnership is that Launchways clients will be able to purchase the software at a significant discount. Launchways CEO, Jim Taylor, said “All too often, business leaders are forced to choose between the costly, comprehensive solution that works best for their needs and the less expensive, less robust solution that works best for their budget. Launchways’ goal with this partnership is to make sure that our clients get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of our heavily negotiated rates and dedicated service team.”

Key Takeaways

Launchways’ partnership with Rippling represents an exciting opportunity for our clients. Rippling’s innovative approach to HR and IT won it the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award and made it the top-ranking Payroll Software solution and HR Software solution on Capterra, G2 Crowd and GetApp. By working closely with the Rippling team, we can offer our clients significant discounts on Rippling software and personalized support from a dedicated service team. When considering whether to make Rippling part of your Launchways solution, keep in mind:

  • Rippling is the only software provider that lets you manage your HR and IT functions within the same platform to eliminate wasteful processes and create a single system of record
  • Onboard and offboard employees in just 90 seconds with Rippling’s streamlined processes
  • Rippling’s versatility and scalability match Launchways’ approach to benefits and HR
  • This partnership provides our clients with unique advantages compared to general consumers

No matter what your needs, Launchways can help you find the HR solution for your business. And with Rippling, our offerings are better than ever. Get started streamlining your HR and IT processes with Rippling today!

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