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Launchways today announced a partnership with CleverRX to offer clients employee prescription drug discounts through the CleverRX Prescription Savings Card. CleverRX is a state-of-the-art pharmacy savings card provider that helps companies provide added value to their employees. Launchways is the first benefits broker in Illinois to offer the CleverRX program to its clients.

Launchways will offer CleverRX Prescription Savings Cards to its employee benefits clients as an added perk of being part of the Launchways benefits brokerage. “We are very excited to offer our clients this innovative solution to the challenge of rising prescription drug costs. Using CleverRX, our clients will be able to access significant savings for themselves and their employees” said Launchways President, Gary Schafer.

CleverRX can save users money regardless of their insurance plan by routing deep discounts on prescription drugs at the point of transaction, while also providing location-based price transparency through its user-friendly app. It can reduce the cost of filling a prescription by as much as 80%, and over 70% of Americans can save money using the card – including employees who opt for high-deductible health plans. As such, CleverRX is a worthwhile addition to any employee benefits package and can be a significant value add for employees. Best of all, CleverRX is completely free to use for companies and employees alike.

Launchways believes in helping our clients empower their employees to become better healthcare consumers. As Jim Taylor, Launchways CEO, noted, “We are proud to be the first benefits broker in Illinois to offer the CleverRX program. We believe in doing what’s best for our clients, and helping them do what is best for their employees, and CleverRX fits perfectly into that vision.”

Why CleverRX? What Prescription Drugs Cost Employers

Why did Launchways partner with CleverRX, and why should you be excited about this new offering? Prescription drugs are one of the main healthcare expenses for employers, so reducing the cost of prescriptions using CleverRX is an effective way to address this challenge.

Prescription drugs are a major driver of healthcare costs for patients and for employers. Drug prices increase an average of 4% a year and specialty drugs, already the most expensive category, increase by 21% per year. Prescription drugs have become the second greatest healthcare expense for companies and represent roughly a third of total healthcare costs for employers.

In an age of rising drug prices, and higher co-pays and deductibles, many employers are cutting coverage to manage their costs. But the reality is that you can effectively reduce healthcare costs without sacrificing the quality of your benefits offering. We explored how to address prescription drug costs in a previous article, but one clear way to save is to reduce the cost of drugs directly through a program such as CleverRX.

CleverRx is about more than just saving money for employers. Because CleverRX reduces employees’ healthcare costs, it is a great additional perk for companies to offer their employees. Improving your benefits package is a great way to boost employee morale, engagement, and retention. In 2016, Aflac found that 60% of employees would take a job with lower salary but better benefits, and that 42% of employees said that increasing benefits would help keep them in their jobs. Given that CleverRX is free for you and for your employees, why not offer it to your employees as an added benefit?

From significant savings on prescription drugs to attracting and retaining top talent, CleverRX can do a whole lot for your company. Ask our benefits experts how you can integrate the CleverRX Prescription Savings Card into your benefits package through Launchways.

About Launchways

Launchways provides business leaders with the resources and guidance they need to build scalable people processes to support long-term growth. Founded in 2009, Launchways has helped thousands of companies better approach the people side of their business through strategic solutions for human resources, employee benefits, and business insurance. For more information, please visit www.launchways.com.

About CleverRX

CleverRX offers a pharmacy savings card that works for you by partnering with the healthcare community to bring state-of-the-art, money-saving tools to patients and employees. CleverRX saves 80% off prescription drugs and often beats the average copay. It is also completely free for patients and employers. Now that’s clever! Learn more at www.cleverrx.com.

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