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During these uncertain times, it’s more crucial than ever for the business community to come together and provide mutual support in ways that identify impactful best practices, connect colleagues with the tools they need to get work done, and ensure we’re all adapting to this new climate in the best way possible.

At Launchways, we’re proud of the work our partner network is doing, both in the greater Chicago area and nationwide, when it comes to B2B COVID-19 support. That’s why we wanted to take this time to shine a light on the work some of our closest partners are doing.

In this post we’ll explore some great services, promotions, and opportunities Launchways partners are offering right now, including:

  • Free online COVID-19 training and e-learning modules
  • FFCRA and CARES Act-compliant payroll & HR software
  • Relief funding for businesses in need
  • Free software to streamline HR & IT operations
  • Virtual platforms for employee engagement & physical wellness


Who is Paylocity?

Paylocity is an HR and payroll technology company that’s earned a reputation for truly caring about their clients’ individualized business needs. They offer a full suite of HR software solutions, covering everything from benefits to employee engagement.

How is Paylocity supporting businesses during COVID-19?

Paylocity is unlocking the gate on their powerful Learning Management System (LMS), providing six months free for any business. Using the LMS, employers can connect their team members with education on COVID-19 safety and best practices while also providing free training on remote work management best-practices for supervisors.

They’re also providing six free months of their employee engagement and safety surveys to help businesses keep a finger on the pulse of their workforce, even as they work from home. Paylocity’s Community Portal (built into their mobile app) can also be used as an effective command center for employee communication, and it’s currently free for use.

How can businesses connect with Paylocity right now?

To connect with Paylocity’s library of coronavirus resources and learn more about the free services they are offering for businesses during this time, be sure to visit their COVID-19 Resource Page. If you are interested in learning more about Paylocity’s HR technology solutions, reach out to Launchways’ Paylocity partner, Aaron Liga, directly at aliga@paylocity.com.


Who is Paycor?

Paycor specializes in bringing boutique HCM and HR services and technology to the small and medium-sized business community. They’ve been innovators in the B2B support space since 1990.

How is Paycor supporting businesses during COVID-19?

Paycor responded to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) swiftly and has completely updated their software to reflect all the new compliance requirements that went into effect on April 1. Their software also allows businesses to connect with the loans they need to provide paycheck protection for employees.

They’ve also built a COVID-19 Command Center, filled with resources and information for businesses hoping to maximize their understanding of what is going on right now and what is required in terms of response and compliance.

Most impressively of all, Paycor has created a $1 million relief fund to support small businesses, community organizations, and Paycor clients/partners during this time, providing direct funding to keep the small business space healthy.

How can businesses connect with Paycor right now?

To connect with Paycor and learn more about how they’re supporting businesses during this crucial time, be sure to check out their COVID-19 Command Center. If you’re interested in learning more about Paycor’s solutions, reach out to Launchways’ Paycor partner, Chloe Carter, directly at CCarter@paycor.com.


Who is Rippling?

Rippling is an HR & IT work enablement platform that is designed to eliminate the logistical administrative work of running a company while also bringing together team members in powerful ways using the online space. Their platform makes life easier for employees and managers at every level of an organization.

How is Rippling supporting businesses during COVID-19?

Rippling is offering their entire platform completely free to new customers for the next six months. Their software has the potential to significantly lower the learning curve for businesses transitioning toward a remote work strategy and enable continuous productivity through ease of use.

Rippling believes it is important to offer their services for free in this moment, both to protect the short-term viability of businesses and to help stimulate a strong recovery, both from a work enablement and an innovation standpoint.

How can businesses connect with Rippling right now?

To learn more about Rippling’s powerful all-in-one platform, be sure to book a demo of how Rippling and Launchways partner to offer best-in-class technology with hands-on guidance from HR and Benefits experts.


Who is LulaFit?

LulaFit provides boutique wellness programs, fitness center management, and personal training for businesses, commercial real estate, and individuals in the greater Chicago area. Their work creates programs that are truly valuable and attract top talent and desirable renters.

How is LulaFit supporting businesses during COVID-19?

To keep people fit during social distancing and stay-at-home orders, LulaFit has launched LulaFit LIVE, a subscription-based service that provides their current subscribers complete wellness program continuity and offers a comprehensive online approach to physical and mental wellness for new members.

LulaFit LIVE contains both on-demand and live workout classes, allowing their customers to continue working with their current trainer and attend both personalized and group fitness experiences. In this way, LulaFit LIVE brings both the physical and social elements of working out or participating in a fitness program directly to people in their homes during social distancing.

How can businesses connect with LulaFit right now?

To connect with LulaFit and learn more about all the workout, lifestyle, and community resources available through LulaFit LIVE, For additional information, please reach out to info@lulafit.com!


It’s a challenging time for all businesses right now, but it’s truly inspirational to see the way organizations are coming together for the greater good. At Launchways, we couldn’t be more proud of the work our partners and clients are doing to support the health of the business space in Chicago and around the country and world.


  • If you’re looking to strengthen your communication strategy and improve employee engagement during this time, be sure to contact Paylocity
  • If you’re looking for HR & payroll software you know is FFCRA and CARES Act compliant, be sure to contact Paycor
  • If you’re looking to simplify IT & HR to streamline operations during this time, be sure to contact Rippling
  • If you’re looking to engage your employees and embrace a physical and mental wellness program specifically built for today’s challenges, contact LulaFit
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