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The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dominated the headlines and business dialogue for the last month. It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily numbers and constant flood of guidance updates, but it’s also important to maintain hope in the power and innovation of our collective community.

Launchways is proud to announce that one of our clients, LulaFit, is taking an innovative approach to provide services in the age of stay-at-home orders and doing work that we’re truly proud to support them in. We’re so impressed by the work they’re doing that we wanted to share it forward with our extended network of partners, clients, and the community at large to spread the word and offer some inspiration.

This post we’ll explore:

  • Introduce LulaFit, an innovative and growing Launchways client
  • Explain how LulaFit is adapting to the challenges of COVID-19
  • Describe the value of LulaFit’s new LulaFit LIVE program for employers
  • Discuss how you can connect with LulaFit’s services & keep your team fit—even during social distancing!

Meet LulaFit

LulaFit provides luxury fitness and wellness concierge services to businesses, residential facilities, and individuals in the greater Chicago area. Their customized approach to fitness training and wellness program management builds significant value for their clients when it comes to attracting and retaining great talent or desirable tenants.

If you’re interested in learning more about LulaFit’s commercial, residential, corporate, or individual wellness services, be sure to visit their website!

How is LulaFit Adapting & Providing Support During Coronavirus

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have closed gyms to the public and made it much tougher to take a fitness class, interact with a trainer, or recreate the positive experience of working out with a group of people keeping each other accountable.

During this challenging time, LulaFit knew they needed to find a way to offer services that allowed people stuck at home to continue their fitness routine to the best of their ability and continue to work with the trainers they knew and trusted.

LulaFit also recognized that much of their wellness program guidance, from healthy shopping and meal prep to structured lifestyle planning, was more relevant than ever for people looking to stay sane, productive, and healthy while under stay-at-home orders.

The result was LulaFit LIVE, a web-based subscription service that contains articles, activities, meditations, lifestyle guides, and a variety of live or on-demand workouts.

LulaFit LIVE: An Exciting Wellness Solution for the Age of Social Distancing

LulaFit LIVE addresses many of the needs individuals in our community have at this time. People can virtually assemble in a group to take a live class together, creating some authentic human interaction and creating that sense of teamwork that fosters physical and mental wellness returns.

To maximize those mental wellness benefits, LulaFit LIVE also contains live competitive trivia and opportunities for socialization after a video class. That means you can invite your friends, neighbors, or colleagues to a fitness class and then enjoy a virtual happy hour from the safety of your individual homes.

This new distancing-friendly approach to presenting their wealth of wellness knowledge means that LulaFit can provide total continuity of service to their existing clients, honoring all their obligations and keeping their team members productively employed during this crucial time.

Launchways Supports LulaFit

LulaFit LIVE is a great example of how innovative thinking and the willingness to adapt can help businesses continue to do their work, even in industries where we’ve historically relied on face-to-face conversations and physical interactions.

What’s really special about LulaFit’s approach is that they created something that is empowering thousands of people around Chicago to continue with some semblance of normalcy during this extremely challenging time of social isolation. That’s the kind of community-first thinking we respect and embody in the way we do business.

How to Learn More

If you’re an employer looking to maintain positive physical and mental wellness for your employees during this tough time, you should consider signing up for LulaFit LIVE!

For additional information, please reach out to info@lulafit.com!

We’re also proud to announce that thanks to our partnership with LulaFit, if you tell them Launchways sent you, you will get 25% of your first month (one week free) of LulaFit LIVE. We’re truly excited about these services, and we wanted to make sure we were able to make them accessible to the members of our extended network of clients, partners, and community members.


During these unprecedented times, it’s important to keep our eyes and ears open for stories about businesses who are finding new ways to thrive, serve their customers, and keep some sense of normalcy alive until we can all return to our normal ways of working and staying well.

LulaFit is a great example of an organization that adapted and innovated a new way of delivering services that preserves value and maintains that positive spirit of community that comes from collective wellness.


  • LulaFit is a Chicago-area business that was able to adapt quickly to social distancing and the stay-at-home age thanks to outside-the-box thinking
  • LulaFit LIVE includes a variety of live and on-demand fitness classes as well as lifestyle guides, wellness articles, newsletters, and other downloadable resources
  • Contact info@lulafit.com and tell them Launchways sent you to claim your special discount!
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