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At Launchways we take a drastically different approach to benefits and human resources. We believe that we do best for ourselves by doing best for our clients and that our clients thrive when they do right by their employees. We know that benefits and effective HR are some of the best tools that growing businesses can use to attract, engage, and retain the talent they need to not only survive but thrive and grow.

By taking a personalized approach, we can find unique solutions that reduce costs while actually improving the value that our clients provide for their employees. Our team is deeply involved in our clients’ business and that’s why we act as partners and problem solvers instead of salespeople. Which has not only helped us rapidly grow our business but also makes it genuinely rewarding to come into work each day.

Here’s how we do things differently at Launchways to ensure we’re always doing what’s best for our clients:

  • A consultative sales process means we find the solutions that work best for our clients
  • We help people first to empower business results
  • Our team becomes an extension of our clients’ teams so we act as experts not only in benefits and HR but also in our clients’ industries
  • Constant innovation helps Launchways and its clients thrive
  • Scalable solutions mean that we build long-term client relationships

Consultative Sales: Finding the Solutions that Work for Clients

One of the best things about what we do at Launchways is that we get to be problem solvers instead of salesmen. Our business thrives by always providing our clients with the solutions that best meet their specific needs and budgets. That means that we take a consultative sales approach with our clients.

What does a consultative sales process entail? Essentially, it means that we are selling solutions instead of products. Our sales team members serve as consultants for our clients, guiding them towards the insurance plans, benefits, and technology partners that will work the best for them and their businesses.

We use our industry experience to advise our clients about which options we think are right for them and build connections with premier vendors to provide our clients with the best possible options. This unique approach means that we don’t bring our clients “out-of-the-box” packages and ask them to pick one. Instead, we craft custom, strategic solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. While we have formed numerous strategic partnerships with insurers, benefits providers, and technology companies, we don’t pitch our clients on their solutions. Instead, we leverage our partnerships to deliver unique savings, greater support, and customized solutions to fuel our clients’ businesses.

Helping People First to Deliver Business Results

Our business model is based on the essential truth that a company is only as strong as its people and that businesses perform best when they do best by their employees. Growing businesses might come to Launchways to control costs, increase employee productivity and retention, and achieve other business results, but our solutions are ultimately grounded in helping our clients build and maintain a team that fuels business success.

What does that mean for Launchways? For one thing, it means we are extremely strategic in the way we help our clients control costs at their businesses. Reducing costs is important for most of our clients. But we understand how to balance cost cutting with maintaining employee happiness and building an attractive employer brand.

Growing businesses can often achieve the cost-savings they need by reducing bureaucracy, rather than reducing the quality of employee healthcare. We streamline processes, generate savings through strategic plan design, and identify real employee healthcare needs to increase the benefits that matter most to employees while eliminating waste.

A Business of Partnership: Consultants and Advisors not Brokers

Launchways is a growing business that understands the pain points that our fellow scaling businesses face. We understand that benefits and HR are very personal topics and should be addressed with personalized solutions. Launchways takes a uniquely boutique approach to benefits and human resources. Our team serves an extension of our clients’ human resources and leadership teams, helping steer their companies towards sustainable growth and scalable solutions.

Under this approach, our advisors serve as partners and problem solvers. Our team embeds itself in our clients’ businesses to create custom solutions for unique challenges. We get the opportunity to work not just for Launchways but for each of Launchways’ clients.

Constant Innovation

Because of our dedication to doing everything possible to help our clients and their employees succeed, Launchways is always searching for new ways to empower our clients’ benefits and human resources. Whether it’s a new benefits management software platform, unique wellness benefit, telehealth program or innovative approach to prescription savings, our job is to find out what the cutting-edge solutions are and determine how we can leverage them to help our clients.

At Launchways, we always have our eyes on the horizon so we never get stuck in a rut. We are constantly pushing forward, never content to rest still and implement the same solutions over and over again until they become outdated.

The focus on innovation to fuel client results fundamentally changes the nature of our organization and how we operate. From our trendy office space at the heart of Chicago’s startup district, our work-life balance, and even the way we handle our internal communications, Launchways lives-and-breathes like a tech startup rather than a traditional benefits broker.

Human resources and benefits should be exciting and rewarding. The Launchways approach cuts through the usual bureaucracy to bring the focus back on people and innovative problem-solving.

Scalable Solutions Mean Long Term Relationships

Businesses’ needs change as they grow, their employee demographics and priorities change, and the market shifts. And the solutions available to address business challenges are changing just as quickly.

So while Launchways is dedicated to implementing solutions and strategies that can scale with our clients’ growth, we know that truly scalable solutions require continuous feedback and revision. We know that we won’t do right by our clients if we just sell them a new benefits package and then move onto the next account. Instead, we forge long term relationships in which we make our expertise, resources, and strategic partners available to meet any issues that our clients might face. Ongoing service and consultation are an integral part of our business at its core.

Key Takeaways

Launchways was founded to provide a better model to tackle the benefits and human resources challenges that growing businesses face. Our mission has led us to take an unconventional stance for a successful benefits broker: we always do what’s best for our clients and their employees. This has a ripple effect that changes just about everything about how we do business, including:

  • Our sales team takes a fully consultative sales approach that focuses on building solutions, not selling products
  • We get to help people because we know that businesses succeed when they help their employees succeed
  • Launchways’ benefits advisors become an extension of our clients’ teams, getting to know their businesses and working for them as much as for Launchways
  • Technological advancements and changes in the healthcare market mean that Launchways is constantly innovating to deliver the best results possible
  • There is no one-off solution for benefits and human resources challenges, so we take a long-term approach to our client relationships that makes our work more productive and rewarding

Do you like the sound of doing what’s best for your clients, forming deeper relationships with clients’ teams, and developing solutions that help people? The Launchways model has proved successful and we are expanding our team to meet the growing demand for our business model. Check out the open positions on our careers page.

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