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Your toughest compliance challenges, solved

Our dedicated compliance solution ensures that from healthcare reform to COBRA, you’re covered.

Forget about dealing with compliance issues

The world of benefits is complex and constantly changing. From the ACA, to open enrollment, to COBRA, navigating compliance is time-consuming. With our benefits compliance solution you can stop spending time worrying about compliance, and rest easy knowing our benefits specialists have your compliance covered.

Protect your business

Failing to follow compliance regulations can put your business at risk for fines and other financial repercussions. Our compliance solution ensures you’re always up to compliance standards, protecting your business from these risks.

Key benefits

Save Time

As a business leader, you don’t have time to deal with changing compliance issues. With our compliance solution you can spend your time on what matters most: growing your business.

Trusted Advisor

With Launchways, you’ll have more than a compliance solution. You’ll have a trusted partner to help you navigate complex compliance issues.

Ensure Compliance

As a growing business, you can’t risk getting compliance wrong. Our compliance solution ensures you have compliance covered.

We’ve got your compliance covered

Explore our areas of compliance expertise

Health Care Reform








Medicare Part D


Section 125


Annual Compliance Audit


Summary Plan Description


What our customers say

"If I receive a notice or something I'm not sure of, I send it to the team at Launchways and know it'll be taken care of. For me, this results in huge time-savings. Not to mention, knowing I have my compliance taken care of gives me the peace of mind I need to focus on growing my business."

– John Rood
Next Step Test Prep

“The Launchways team is extremely responsive. Throughout the entire process and all the challenges they’ve helped me tackle, I’ve never been frustrated once. They work with me through all the complications every step of the way."

– Charlie Mayer

Fast-growing businesses trust Launchways

Discover a compliance solution that lets you worry less and grow more.

Talk to a team member today to learn more.

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