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Cliff Ryan is the Vice President of Business Development of Yaymaker. Cliff focuses on building and executing our go-to-market strategy, develops scalable systems and fosters a culture of leading from within.  He brings a deep understanding of the meetings & events industry from his time at Cvent.  During the summit, Cliff will be covering the many challenges employers have faced in adapting to partial or fully-remote workforces. He will offer solutions for better employee engagement and an impactful company culture in the remote environment.

Cliff Ryan, Yaymaker

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During this summit you will learn:

  • Which benefits do employees really value most in 2021?

  • How to increase employee engagement and revitalize company culture in the age of remote work

  • Actionable strategies to positively impact employee mental health during COVID and beyond

  • How to better support working parents

  • Unique benefits that will help your employees thrive and make your employer brand stand out

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2020 created a host of new challenges for employers, one of which is how to craft a cost-effective, impactful benefits program that helps employees live happier, healthier lives. This year, Launchways has assembled a panel of non-traditional benefits providers that are tackling the most pressing issues your employees are facing in light of COVID.

2021 Employee Perks & Non-Traditional Benefits Virtual Summit

Join modern benefits experts for a webinar-streamed summit designed for HR Leaders on Thursday, March 4th from 11:00am-12:30pm.

Jim is the CEO and Founder of Launchways. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and scaled several notable businesses. At Launchways, Jim has spent over 10 years providing business counsel to clients, helping HR leaders navigate complex workforce challenges. Jim is an expert in HR operations, workforce planning, talent management, and business growth strategies. During the summit, Jim will be covering emerging benefits trends as well as options for employers looking to address mental health needs in their workforce.

Jim Taylor, CEO of Launchways


Heidi began her marketing career in Silicon Valley a decade ago working at startups including Eventbrite and Docusign. At her current role with Helpr, she spreads the word about how Helpr is impacting employee lives everywhere. During the summit, she will cover the challenges working parents are facing during COVID and what employers can do to help. Her and her husband reside in Los Angeles and recently welcomed a new baby boy to their family, so she can definitely relate to the struggle of work-life-balance for parents.

Heidi Burns Hilton, Helpr

Long time animal lover and animal welfare advocate, Roberto is the head of growth at Pawp, a digital clinic for pets that is on a mission to reduce pet economic euthanasia while making access to veterinary care virtual and more affordable. In today's workforce, employees see their pets as part of their family. On this summit, Roberto will explore how employers can better support employees in keeping their furry friends well.

Roberto Salem, Pawp

Mark Baemmert is the Vice President of Growth at Homethrive.  Mark has spent over 18 years supporting businesses leaders realize the potential of their people strategy.  He has experience in HR consulting, technology, employee benefits, and a wide range of supporting services that impact the entire employee lifecycle. During this summit, Mark will discuss the challenges employees face when balancing a career and caring for an aging parent. He will explore what Homethrive is doing to help employers support employees, and provide a better path to care for their aging parents.

Mark Baemmert, Homethrive

Sean Condon, CFP is a wealth advisor with more than a decade of industry experience. In his day-to-day role, he specializes in helping business leaders build their person wealth and serving as the quarterback to a team of advisors. During this year's summit, Sean will be exploring the issue of financial wellness and financial literacy amongst employees. As a result of COVID, employees are more financially stressed than ever before. Sean will offer actionable solutions of how employers can support their team in being financially well.

Sean Condon, CFP, Windgate

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