The Complete Return-to-Work Toolkit:
How to Bring Your Workforce Back During COVID-19

As businesses begin preparing their workforces to return to work in the coming weeks, there are many nuances to consider regarding employee safety and also ongoing compliance requirements. Businesses must take actionable steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their workplaces, even in the absence of widespread available testing. Our 15-page toolkit includes the templates, checklists, and insights you need to ensure you have every aspect of return-to-work covered.

Here’s what the toolkit covers:

  • How to Determine Who Should Return to Work & When

  • Preparing & Modifying Your Physical Workspace

  • Protocols for Employee Re-Entry & Health Screenings

  • Building and Enforcing Social Distancing & COVID-Specific Employee Protocols

  • How to Address Workforce Anxiety About Returning to Work

  • Sample Return to Work Survey for Employees

  • How to Identify & Correctly Update Effected Company Policies

  • Roadmap for a Return-to-Work Communications Strategy

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