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What Employers Must Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Our upcoming webinar will cover the legal considerations of vaccine mandates that employers must be aware of as vaccine distribution begins

About The Webinar

With several vaccines on the horizon, business leaders are now looking ahead to the feasibility of mandating employee vaccination against COVID-19. In our upcoming webinar, seasoned employment law attorneys will discuss key aspects of COVID vaccination including: Can businesses legally require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Who qualifies for exemption? If the vaccine can’t be mandated, how can organizations best incentivize employees to receive it?

Our Experts Will Cover:

Current limitations on mandating vaccines in the workplace

How current employment law has been interpreted and applied to the COVID pandemic
Pros and cons of mandating vs. encouraging employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine
Implications of current guidance on the COVID-19 vaccine for employers

Actionable strategies to incentivize employees to receive the COVID vaccine

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Meet The Presenters

Heather Bailey

COVID-19 Task Force at Smith Amundsen’s

Heather Bailey is a partner in SmithAmundsen’s Labor & Employment Practice Group. For 18 years, Heather has concentrated her practice in employment and labor counseling and litigation, including discrimination and trade secret / non-compete lawsuits, FLSA class actions, labor negotiations and arbitrations, affirmative action, OFCCP/DOL audits and FINRA issues. She counsels on day-to-day operations, human resources, and management decisions regarding employees, practices and policies. Heather also works comfortably with FMLA/ADA, sexual harassment, affirmative action, union avoidance and other types of employee and management training. Her clients operate across the U.S. in industries like vending, healthcare, transportation, parking, automotive repair, construction, staffing, hospitality (restaurants/taverns), banking, and manufacturing to name a few.

Jim Taylor

CEO, Launchways

Jim is the CEO and Founder of Launchways. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and scaled several notable businesses. At Launchways, Jim has spent over 10 years providing business counsel to clients, helping business leaders making the best decisions to grow their businesses. Jim is an expert in workforce planning, talent management, and business growth strategies.